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Call Modular When You Are Looking To Renovate Your Toronto Home
Whether you live in Toronto or own a home in the GTA, you deserve the absolute best when it comes to your renovations. Unfortunately, many people are afraid of getting work done by contractors due to the horror stories about wild prices and inconsistent, unreliable work. Modular believes that when you let us into your home to renovate, it is our duty to provide you the absolute best service available in Toronto, at a cost that you can afford.
Home renovations should be a fun and exciting time. When you decide to restructure the layout of your home, you can be completely creative and get exactly the home you have always wanted. The beauty of renovating your home, as opposed to moving is that you can custom-design your house so that it fits your exact needs. Whether your family is growing, or you want to expand your living space, Modular can not only help you redesign your floor plan, but we can offer cost-effective home additions or second stories to bungalows.
If you choose to go with one of our home additions, Modular can expand your living space from 700, 800, 900 to 1000 square feet. The majority of the process happens offsite. We build our additions in our environmentally controlled factories. This not only reduces the amount of chaos you and your family are exposed to, but we can work all year round. Whenever you are ready for a home addition, we can provide it for you, no matter what the season.
Because our additions are built offsite, the Modular process actually saves customers up to thirty percent of building in the more traditional methods. Once the addition has been built, we bring it to your home and can have it attached in a matter of hours. When the roofing is in place, our professionals can set to work on the interior mechanics of your new home addition. As we aim to be everything you need for your home renovations in "one stop”, our contractors will take care of the inner mechanics such as electrical work, plumbing and heating.
Modular will complete your entire home addition project with paint and interior finishes. Your paint and interior finishes are selected from our showroom before we start any construction. This way you can know exactly how your new home will look, as well as be conscious of all the costs involved.
Due to our variety of skilled contractors, Modular will never leave our customers with a half-finished project. It is important to us that our customers are one hundred percent satisfied with our work. We offer a special warranty combined with an after sale customer satisfaction guarantee. Modular stands by our products and services.
Call Modular to get the home renovation services you deserve. Everyone has a right to be happy with the home they live in.
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Our showroom is located in the East York area of Toronto. Please call or email us to set up an appointment.
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